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POS Scales are integrated weighing systems designed for retail settings, enabling seamless transactions by directly communicating weight data to Point of Sale systems. These scales are essential for grocery stores, delis, and markets, where items are sold by weight. They streamline the checkout process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in customer service. Equipped with user-friendly interfaces and the ability to handle a variety of products, POS Scales are crucial for businesses looking to enhance operational efficiency and provide accurate, quick service to their customers.

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Which brand of POS Interface Scale is offered at a sale price of $389.00?

The brand of the POS Interface Scale offered at a sale price of $389.00 is CAS.

What other types of balances and lab instruments are offered by DSC Balances?

DSC Balances offers a comprehensive range of lab instruments beyond traditional balances. Our selection includes label printing scales, moisture and fat analyzers, weighing scales and balances, calibration instruments, PH water conductivity meters, filters, and various other quality products designed to meet your laboratory needs.