Calibration and Preventative Maintenance Services

San Diego Scale Company maintains a staff of carefully trained and state licensed technicians capable of installing, servicing, repairing, and calibrating virtually all brands and models of scales.  Service can be performed on-site or in our service department.  Only direct replacement parts and NIST traceable standards are used.  A complete record of your scale maintenance history is maintained and all service work is fully guaranteed for 90 days.

Scale and Balance Calibration

Errors in weighing can be a major issue for many organizations with consequences that range from fines and penalties to endangering the health of consumers. Our team of ISO 17025 accredited technicians use a range of certified weights, including ASTM Class 5, ASTM Class 1 and OIML E1 weight sets, to ensure that your weighing equipment remains accurate and reliable.

Depot Calibrations:
$200.00 first unit + $100.00 for each additional unit

On-Site Calibrations:
Please, contact
for pricing.

All calibrationsservices includes linearity, eccentricity, and repeatability verification. 

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Preventative Maintenance Agreements

Accurate and reliable equipment is necessary to support the quality and reliability of all testing,
manufacturing, and research applications. Whether you are a testing lab or an industrial manufacturer, our service staff is here to reduce the stress of maintaining the calibration on a variety of weighing, measuring, and test equipment.

Don’t spend your team's operational time worrying about calibration schedules. Contact for pricing and scheduling framework today! Our team
is dedicated to delivering high-quality work and rapid response times, ensuring
worry-free equipment management backed by a fully ISO 17025 accredited calibration lab.

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Pipette Calibration

Accurate pipettes that provide reproducible results are imperative in insuring reliable results. Our team of trained calibration and service technicians perform a thorough physical inspection of all seals and mechanical components prior to verifying each pipette. During verification each pipette is tested at minimum, mid, and max volumes at a minimum of 3 replicants to ensure reliable results. Any units found to be outside are adjusted either to manufacturer or customer tolerances.

Verification and Adjustment:

Single Channel: $22.00
Multi-Channel: $55.00

Preventative Maintenance:

Includes testing, calibration, replacement of all O-rings
and seals, cleaning, and lubrication.

Single channel: $30.00
Multi-Channel $63.00

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Lab Equipment Calibration

We provide testing and calibration for a range of equipment with technicians trained and equipped to test temperature, rpm, airflow and more. All tests are performed and verified to insure the reproducibility of results. All equipment is retested after any adjustment to verify accuracy. All results are recorded and the traceability documents of all equipment used during
testing is available upon request.

Centrifuge: $100.00
Ph Meter: $130.00
Oven: $150.00
Incubator: $150.00
Moisture Balance/Analyzer: $175.00
Refrigerator/Freezer: $175.00
Hood: $185.00

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Managing supplies and inventory levels in a busy lab can be difficult, especially in today’s environment where availability is in question more than ever. The team at San
Diego Scale Company understands this struggle, and while we are a leader in calibration services in San Diego, we are a solutions provider first and foremost. Our team of sales agents is here to work with you to prevent any delays to your operations due to the availability of key laboratory consumables. Please contact Benjamin Green at to discuss and explore how we can help you maintain guaranteed availability of your consumables while decreasing the associated costs.

For local partners in San Diego County, guaranteed next business day delivery
is provided for all orders placed before 1:30 p.m. PST.

For National Partners, all guaranteed stock items are ensured to arrive within 3 business
days for all orders placed before 1:30 p.m. PST.

Repair Services

Our team is trained and equipped to analyze, troubleshoot, and service a wide variety of weighing and lab equipment. For any malfunctioning equipment, please, reach out to to
arrange the delivery of your equipment to our lab for a free evaluation and repair estimate or to schedule your $100.00 on-site evaluation.
The $100.00 evaluation fee will be credited toward the repair of the evaluated equipment.

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