Collection: Genie Rotators / Rockers and Incubators Accessories

Enhance the functionality and versatility of your Genie Rotators/Rockers and Incubators with a comprehensive range of meticulously designed accessories, tailored to optimize your laboratory's mixing and incubation capabilities. From tube holders and platform mats to clamps and adapters, these accessories offer efficient and secure sample handling for a variety of applications. Customize your rotator/rocker or incubator setup to accommodate different vessel types, sizes, and experimental requirements, ensuring precise and consistent mixing or incubation performance. Whether you're performing cell culture, hybridization, or Western blotting, Genie Rotators/Rockers and Incubators Accessories provide the flexibility and convenience needed to streamline your laboratory workflows. Explore the selection of accessories available at Sandiego Scale, and unlock the full potential of your Genie equipment for reliable and efficient sample processing.

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