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The Mettler Toledo Semi-Micro Balances available on San Diego Scale are precision instruments for detailed laboratory measurements, offering models such as the MS105 and MS205DU. These balances provide high accuracy for semi-micro weighing needs, suitable for complex analytical tasks in research and industrial laboratories.

Mettler Toledo Semi-Micro Balances are engineered for tasks requiring high precision with fine readability, down to 0.01 mg. These balances are perfect for sophisticated scientific research in pharmaceuticals, chemistry, and material science, where precise measurement of small quantities is critical. With cutting-edge technology for stability and accuracy, they offer seamless operation and data integration capabilities, ensuring reliable results for professionals demanding meticulous analytical performance.

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What are semi-microbalances and ultra-microbalances, and how do they compare to microbalances?

Semi-microbalances and ultra-microbalances are specialized types of analytical balances that provide varying levels of sensitivity compared to microbalances. Microbalances are renowned for their exceptional sensitivity, with a readability typically in the range of micrograms. Semi-microbalances offer a slightly lower sensitivity level compared to microbalances, typically providing readability in the tens of micrograms. Ultra-microbalances, on the other hand, offer an even higher level of sensitivity, with readability often reaching the realm of hundreds of nanograms. In essence, these advanced instruments cater to different precision requirements in analytical chemistry, allowing for precise measurements at varying levels of granularity.

What are microbalances and what is their level of sensitivity?

Microbalances are a type of analytical balance known for their exceptional sensitivity. These precision instruments are capable of measuring minute amounts of mass with great accuracy. Microbalances typically have a readability in the range of micrograms, allowing them to weigh substances at a very small scale. In addition to microbalances, there are semi-microbalances and ultra-microbalances, offering even higher levels of precision with readabilities in the tens of micrograms and hundreds of nanograms, respectively. These instruments are essential in laboratories where precise measurements are required for research and experimentation.

What features are highlighted for the OHAUS Explorer Semi-Micro Balances?

The highlighted features of the OHAUS Explorer Semi-Micro Balances include their design tailored for sophisticated professional weighing tasks, offering capacities ranging from 120g to 220g with a high level of readability ranging from 0.01mg to 0.1mg.

Which leading manufacturers offer microbalances according to Laboratory Supply Network?

According to Laboratory Supply Network, microbalances are available from a variety of leading manufacturers, including Sartorius, and Radwag.