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The Sartorius Precision Balances collection at San Diego Scale encompasses a wide variety of balances tailored for precise weighing needs in laboratory settings. With a range of models offering varying capacities and readabilities, these balances are designed for detailed measurement tasks. Discounts of up to 17% off on select items make this an opportune time to invest in these high-quality instruments.

Sartorius Precision Balances are known for their accuracy and reliability, designed to meet the rigorous demands of scientific and industrial laboratories. These balances offer a wide range of models with varying capacities and readabilities, ensuring precision for various applications, including research, quality control, and production. Equipped with advanced technology and user-friendly interfaces, Sartorius Precision Balances are essential tools for professionals requiring high-quality weighing solutions.

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What are the features of the Practum Sartorius Scales?

The Practum Sartorius Scales come equipped with several innovative features that enhance both their functionality and user-friendliness. These scales feature an analytical balance capable of precise measurements up to 60 grams with an accuracy of 0.0001 grams. They include a color touchscreen interface that facilitates easy access to integrated application programs. Furthermore, users benefit from practical functionalities such as an external calibration option to maintain accuracy, overload protection to safeguard the device, and a mini USB port for seamless 'Plug & Play' integration with other devices. Additionally, the scales offer the PC-Direct feature that enables straightforward data transfer to a computer. For ensuring precise measurements, the units are also designed with a level indicator to help with proper leveling. These comprehensive features make the Practum Sartorius Scales a reliable choice for standard laboratory applications, ensuring users get both precision and value.

What features are included in the Secura Analytical & Precision Balances by Sartorius?

The Secura Analytical & Precision Balances by Sartorius are equipped with several advanced features to enhance laboratory efficiency and compliance. These balances include a color touchscreen that facilitates intuitive operation and a real-time leveling guide to ensure accuracy. The balances feature isoCAL, an automatic internal calibration and adjustment system, which helps maintain accuracy over time.

Additionally, they come with a CAL audit trail function that helps in maintaining clear, traceable documentation of calibration history. There's an incorporated menu and password protection system, which allows for setting different security levels and managing access control. The balances are designed to monitor the minimum sample weight, adhering to the USP operating range, ensuring compliance through the SQmin function.

For data management, the balances offer features like sample and batch identification and a PC-Direct feature for seamless data transfer to a computer. Moreover, there's continuous real-time level monitoring and a monitored data transfer mechanism to ensure data integrity and security during operations. These features collectively make the Sartorius Secura Balances an efficient and reliable choice for precise analytical tasks in the lab.

What expertise does Certified Scale have in the industry, specifically with Sartorius scales?

Certified Scale is highly proficient in dealing with Sartorius scales, drawing on many years of industry experience to address any related needs. They focus on these specific scales, ensuring expert service and support in this area.

What products does Certified Scale offer, and how long have they been serving their Wisconsin clients?

Certified Scale provides a variety of measurement products like Sartorius scales, analytical balances, bench scales, and dynamometers. They have been offering services to their clients in Wisconsin since the year 1969.