Collection: Ohaus Conductivity & DO Electrodes

The Ohaus Conductivity & DO Electrodes collection features precision instruments designed for accurate conductivity and dissolved oxygen measurements in various settings. These electrodes, including models like the Ohaus STCON7, STDO11, and STCON3, are suitable for laboratory, educational, and field applications, ensuring reliable data collection.

Ohaus Conductivity & DO (Dissolved Oxygen) Electrodes are engineered for accurate and reliable measurement in a variety of laboratory and field applications. These electrodes are designed to complement Ohaus's range of meters, ensuring precise conductivity and oxygen level readings in environmental studies, water quality monitoring, and scientific research. They are built for durability and ease of use, offering fast response times and compatibility with a wide range of samples, making them essential tools for professionals requiring detailed analysis and monitoring of water and aqueous solutions.

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