Collection: Ohaus Overhead Stirrers

The Ohaus Overhead Stirrers collection at San Diego Scale includes a range of Achiever™ 5000 models, offering robust solutions for various stirring needs in laboratories. These stirrers, available with discounts up to 25%, provide precise control for a wide range of viscosities and volumes, ensuring efficient and consistent results for complex mixing applications.

Ohaus Overhead Stirrers are engineered for high-volume and high-viscosity sample mixing, making them essential for laboratory applications that require powerful and precise stirring capabilities. Designed to handle a wide range of mixing tasks, these stirrers offer adjustable speed settings and robust construction to ensure consistent, reliable performance in demanding environments. Their versatility and durability make them ideal for complex chemical reactions, product formulations, and quality control processes, providing scientists and researchers with the tools needed for meticulous and efficient sample preparation.

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